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Nitrospira enrichment culture clone GaII


  • Phylum : Nitrospirae
  • Class : Nitrospira 
  • Order :Nitrospirales
  • Family : Nitrospiraceae
  • Genus : Nitrospira

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Reference:Lebedeva et al., 2011

Title:Isolation and characterization of a moderately thermophilic nitrite-oxidizing bacterium from a geothermal spring

Pubmed ID:21138449

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Abstract: Geothermal environments are a suitable habitat for nitrifying microorganisms. Conventional and molecular techniques indicated that chemolithoautotrophic nitrite-oxidizing bacteria affiliated with the genus Nitrospira are widespread in environments with elevated temperatures up to 55 °C in Asia, Europe, and Australia. However, until now, no thermophilic pure cultures of Nitrospira were available, and the physiology of these bacteria was mostly uncharacterized. Here, we report on the isolation and characterization of a novel thermophilic Nitrospira strain from a microbial mat of the terrestrial geothermal spring Gorjachinsk (pH 8.6; temperature 48 °C) from the Baikal rift zone (Russia). Based on phenotypic properties, chemotaxonomic data, and 16S rRNA gene phylogeny, the isolate was assigned to the genus Nitrospira as a representative of a novel species, for which the name Nitrospira calida is proposed. A highly similar 16S rRNA gene sequence (99.6% similarity) was detected in a Garga spring enrichment grown at 46 °C, whereas three further thermophilic Nitrospira enrichments from the Garga spring and from a Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia) terrestrial hot spring could be clearly distinguished from N. calida (93.6-96.1% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity). The findings confirmed that Nitrospira drive nitrite oxidation in moderate thermophilic habitats and also indicated an unexpected diversity of heat-adapted Nitrospira in geothermal hot springs.