Biological Nitrogen Removal Database

A manually curated data resource for microbial nitrogen removal

Enzyme Name Gene Culster Enzyme Commission number KEGG Orthology ID
Hydrazine synthase hzsABC K20934
Ammonia monooxygenase (AMO) catalyzes the oxidation of ammonia to hydroxylamine, the first reaction in the process of ammonia oxidation to nitrite. Link
Hydrazine oxidoreductase hzo K20935 The HZO enzyme (hydrazine oxidoreductase) catalyzes the initial hydrazine-forming reaction during the anammox biochemical process. Hydrazine is oxidized to molecular nitrogen N(2) Link
Hydrazine dehydrogenase n/a K20935 The four-electron oxidation of hydrazine by an HAO-like protein called hydrazine dehydrogenase (HDH) would make dinitrogen gas Link
c-type cytochrome proteins (anammoxosome) ccsAB id08162 K01764 Play a key role in the unique anammox metabolism in bacteria. The bacterial working model involves two transmembrane proteins (CcsAB), forming a channel entry, facilitate the heme transport and the maintenance of it in a reduced state at the p-side of the membrane. A dedicated membrane-anchored thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase (CcsX) reduces the apocytochrome c cysteines while reducing equivalents are transferred from a nonspecific cytoplasmic thioredoxin to the thiol-disulfide membrane transporter (DsbD or CcdA) Link