Biological Nitrogen Removal Database

A manually curated data resource for microbial nitrogen removal

Microorganism 16S RNA Accesion Number Isolation source Electron Donor Nitrate reduced to Respiration Reference


Rhodanobacter thiooxydans LCS2 AB286179.1 Biofilm of sulphur particle autotrophic denitrification process D-glucose/ Sulphur Nitrite Aerobic Lee et al., 2007 Link
Nitratireductor aquibiodomus NL21 AF534573.1 Marine methanol-fed denitrification reactor Methanol, Citrate Nitrite Falcultative aerobic Labbe et al., 2004 Link
Halomonas denitrificans strain M29T AM229317.1 Saline water Propionate Nitrite Aerobic Kim et al., 2007 Link
Ramlibacter alkalitolerans strain CJ661 KF740333.1 Ginseng soil Gelatin Nitrite Aerobic Lee and Cha., 2017 Link
Nocardioides daejeonensis strain MJ31 JF937066.1 Sewage disposal plant sludge Citrate Nitrite Aerobic Woo et al., 2012 Link
Nocardioides daeguensis strain 2C1-5 HQ246164.1 Activated sludge of an industrial wastewater treatment plant Sucrose Nitrite Aerobic Cui et al., 2013 Link
Thioalbus denitrificans strain SU4T EU837269.1 Enrichment culture Thiosulfate Nitrite Anaerobic Park et al., 2011 Link
Sulfurovum aggregans AB889689.1 A deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimney collected from the Central Indian Ridge H2 Nitrite Anaerobic Mino et al., 2014 Link
Sulfuricurvum kujiense DSM 16994 AB053951.1 Underground crude oil storage cavity Thiosulfate, Hydrogen, Elemental sulfur Nitrite Anaerobic Kodama and Watanabe., 2004 Link
Geobacillus gargensis AY193888.1 Hot spring Sucrose Nitrite Anaerobic Nazina et al., 2004 Link